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Where are my local recycling facilities?

RECAP svetainė turi Perdirbimo Locatoriu tam kad padėti jums dalyvauti perdirbimo procese ir perduoti jums nereikalingus daiktus panauduoti pakartuotinai Kembridžo grafystėje.

Can I book a visit from you for my school/group?

Yes, the Getting It Sorted Volunteers Team will do talks, recycling workshops and school assemblies free of charge to groups in the Fenland District. Email us with your contact details for your group, and dates you are hoping we can visit. Alternatively call 01354 654321 and ask to speak to the Environmental Projects Officer.

NOTE: We are currently only offering Online talks due to COVID 19.

Cannot find what I am looking for?

We update the website regularly, but contact Fenland District Council

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